Saturday, August 22, 2009

Important Travel Gear

Always interesting is what a child considers important to take on a trip, without guidance from an adult. For a long overdue visit back in March to his Uncle Geoji in Austin, here was the contents of Paul’s carry-on (he was, in his own words, “almost 7 years old” at the time):

  • Teddy, his confidant, don’t leave home without him

  • Light saber, never know when it will come in handy

  • Journal, to capture “mental pictures” as his teacher Mrs. H has asked for on many occasions

  • Pencil / coloring pack, to ensure the visualizations are vivid

  • 3 books to flip thru

Sidd followed suit in a somewhat expected, “monkey see, monkey do” fashion

Teddy is Ready to Go
Abe Pachikara, Copyright 2009 (click for larger image)

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