Monday, May 01, 2017

Chuttumbee #1 Turns 15

My Dearest Pablo,

15 years ago yesterday the earth trembled as God sent one of his emissaries down to Earth.

That would be you. Happy B'Day.

The time has hurtled by and each year as we come upon your B'Day I am always deeply moved by how much, in one mere year, you change and your situation changes. Overall I get the sense high school has been a good thing for you, and that people (for example from the XC and robotics teams) enjoy and look forward to your presence among them. Shockingly, you are even leaner than a year ago ( I did not think that was possible) and you are DEFINITELY more sinewy and stronger - thanks to the entirely different level of athleticism from Coach Brad and the time and effort you have invested.

Paul 15-bPaul 15 
A Good Day
Abraham Pachikara, Copyright 2017 (Click for larger image)

You are still a close and supportive brother to Sidd - a deep blessing for him - and someone that the family loves to spend time with. So nice!

 You took my lymphoma in stride and showed a concerning eye at all times. And the time spent with Appa as his prostate cancer returned was vital to him. In both instances, you were a deep, quiet asset to our family, and learned how family comes together not just for celebrations, but also difficult tests.

Paul 15 Piano Recital
Hiding His Nerves at the Piano Competition
Abraham Pachikara, Copyright 2017 (Click for larger image)

Looking forward to the next big year - and it is indeed another big one - keep pressing your known skills and talents, and exploring & uncovering new ones - they are precious, and largely still undiscovered. And engage with people in your classes - - as much as I know you would prefer otherwise - people, their energy, their dynamism, their love are the deepest gifts given to us. The odd thing is that all that's needed is to you to step forward and they respond. You have such a genuine demeanor, it's pretty much all upside for you.

So Happy Bday again. I love you and love being your dad.

Love, Dad.


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